The service South Sea Towage delivers is essential to both foreign & local vessels.  The benefits of using a tug to assist in berthing and un-berthing of these foreign & local vessels are as follows:-

  • Enhances safety issues
  • Minimizes the impact of these large vessels hitting against infrastructure causing structural damage.
  • Improves the berthing and un-berthing time especially during adverse weather
  • Reduces the risk liability to the insurance companies in regards to the vessel itself, cargo and the Authority’s infrastructure.

The company also provides service of salvaging stranded vessels.  These would include vessels that have run aground on reefs or land.  Vessels that experience engine failure on the high sea can also need the services of South Sea Towage to bring their vessels to the safety of a mooring.

The Company provides safety watch for Petroleum & Gas Tankers coming into port without a gas free certificate in case of fire on board, the Company’s responsibility would be to tow the vessel away from the Authority’s infrastructure or the oil company’s pipeline.